Corporation do Brasil S.A


The Conifera Corporation do Brasil S.A. is a privately owned family company, which was founded in the 40s, aimed at sophisticated agricultural food production in Brazil. At the time of its creation the company imported agricultural machinery from Europe and the United States, at the same time its activity has started as a small exporter of primary products to various continents.


At the turn of the millennium, the great grandson of the German family Wink, born in Brazil in 1966 and the current president of the holding, took majority control of the company. With an administration based on the concept of European education, the businessman has restructured Conifera Corporation, creating a company network of subsidiaries, to supply the needs of the group to expand in products and services.


In 2006, the Wink´s family became the sole owner of Conifera Corporation SA of Brasil, expanding to the international Conifera Holding company. In 2009, reorganized because of its growth, it became an administration company, leading his 19 subsidiaries.

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